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All-Natural Skin Care Products

Handcrafted products made in single batches

Some Cool Road herbal soap bars are made from a vegetable oil base. We use real essential oils to add scent and color to our products. Explore the 9 different varieties to find your next favorite soap bar!

Do your chapped skin a favor and try this blend of 12 vegetable and essential oils! Some Cool Road Healing Salve moisturizes and soothes your irritated skin. It works like magic!

Have some cool lips with Some Cool Road's lip balm! Made with beeswax and cocoa butter, this stuff will be your best friend in when your lips are feeling chapped. 


Some Cool Story

Some Cool Road products are developed around the fact that our skin is the body's largest organ. It absorbs what you put on it, both good and bad. Since 1996, we have handcrafted our products one batch at a time, all the while leaving out harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrances. (That's won't find bubble gum scented soap here...).  Instead, we use all-natural vegetable oils, real essential oils extracted from plants and other natural ingredients.


Simple Ingredients

Our products are made with pure vegetable oils, real essential oils and all-natural ingredients added for scent texture and exfoliation to ensure the smoothest skin.

Small Batches

To ensure top notch results, our products are handcrafted in single batches.                                                

Proudly Made in Michigan

Our products are handcrafted in Southeast Michigan. We do our best to source ingredients locally to help out our neighbors!