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Some Cool Story

Welcome to SOME COOL ROAD! One of my passions is creating hand-made, small-batch skin products, using real ingredients that nourish your skin. No matter your age, you should care for your skin a little every day.  

Some Cool Road products are developed around the fact that skin is the body's largest organ. It absorbs what you put on it, both good and bad. Since 1996, we have handcrafted our products one batch at a time while leaving out the harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificial fragrances. Instead, we infuse them with a variety of all-natural vegetable oils, essential oils, grains and plant matter.  

Read our That's What She Said blog to read more about our products, the ingredients we use, and how you can Trek a Healthy Path in your life in ways beyond using our products.

Enjoy and please share with your friends!

Carolyn, founder :)


Some Cool Products



We take pride in the ingredient labels on our products! Unlike many skin care products, no harmful additives, preservatives, or synthetic scents and colorants are used in our soap, salve and lip balm. We want you to know what you are putting on your skin, so please learn more by visiting our ingredient list.



To ensure perfection, all of our products are made in single batches. This guarantees freshness and quality. Chances are pretty good that your soap, salve or lip balm was made just a few days ago!


Real Essential Oils

Instead of using synthetic coloring agents and fragrance oils, we use real essential oils, which come directly from plants. To make essential oils, the leaves or roots of a plant are pressed or distilled to extract the good stuff.  We don't add Red #5 or Yellow #7 to make Adirondack soap.  Instead, we add Oakmoss essential oil and watch the creamy soap turn a soft brown color. The color and scent of our products is decided by nature.


Proudly Made in Michigan

Our products are made in single batches in southeast Michigan. We make our best effort to source our ingredients from the local area.