Some Cool Name

Hello and welcome back!

Today, I thought I'd reveal the story behind the company name.  It wasn't always Some Cool Road....that's actually brand new.

When I started making soap, I gave the extra bars to family and friends.   Each batch makes 25-30 bars and, before I knew it, I had more soap than I knew what to do with.  I decided to enter a few craft shows and Bill (husband) offered to make me labels.  It was then that I had to choose a name to put on those labels.

It popped into my head one day.  "In A Lather!"  What a cool name for a soap company!  So In A Lather it was, until I went to order my soapmaking oils and found out there was another soap company with the same name.  Someone else had the same brilliant name idea as me!  I went ahead and worked as In A Lather for a few company was a tiny little fledgling ordeal and I figured nobody would notice or mind.  But then I got tired of that name anyway.  I told Bill I wanted a different name for the business and he suggested "Off The Grid."

He'd overheard me and my friend talking about the allure of living out in the middle of nowhere, with solar powered homes, off the electrical grid. We both said "off the grid" numerous times.  Bill ducked into his office and showed up later with a new logo and the name "Off the Grid."  And that's the way it was until my youngest son, Palmer, offered to make me a website and found that "off the grid" dot com was already taken.  Another name change was in order.

Even though the name Some Cool Road is new, it was born a long time ago.  My friend Trish and I were shopping in Fenton, Michigan many years ago and we stepped out of a wonderful little store (The Iron Grate) and she said to me, "Someday, WE will open a store and we'll call it The Great Grate and it will be on Some Cool Road."
I never forgot that conversation, so I have my cool friend, Trish, to thank for the cool name.

And there you have it!  The name "Some Cool Road" is awesome and original and I hope you like it as much as I do.

Peace, friends : )