How It All Started

Hello, and welcome to Some Cool Road!

Way back in 1990, I purchased a few bars of homemade soap from a craft show vendor.  I put the soap in my bathroom and didn't use it right away, since I loved the way it smelled.  One day, when I ran out of the big-brand soap I'd been using, I reached for one of the homemade bars.  A month or so later, I was wondering why my usually dry skin was silkier feeling and then it dawned on me:  it was the homemade soap!  I hadn't changed anything else about my skincare routine, so that had to be it.

Thus began my fascination with homemade soap.  I read articles and books and decided I'd try making my own.  That day finally came in the fall of 1996.  I packed my 3 boys (5 years, 3 years and 6 months of age) in the car and went in search of soapmaking supplies.  I got an enamel pot at a grocery store and then headed to a health food store for some of the oils I'd need.

The soapmaking books recommended a laboratory or dairy thermometer.  I was living in Attica, Michigan at the time, so was decidedly closer to dairy farms than laboratories.  I found a dairy farm supply store in Brown City and headed over.  The proprietor of the store just looked at me with a smile playing around his lips when I told him I needed the thermometer for soapmaking.  "You know, they sell soap nowadays right at the stores. What are you, Amish??"  I looked down at my jean shorts, my 6 month old on my hip, "Do I look Amish?  Yes, I've got a small gaggle of kids, but there's mascara on these lashes."  I opened my eyes very wide and batted my lashes and we laughed.  I paid Mr. Dairy Farm supply guy and went home to begin my exciting new project.

I could go on, dragging you through all the details of my soapmaking journey, but I won't.  Just trust me when I say there were more bad batches than good batches at first.  There were a few instances in which I forgot vital ingredients.  I'd unmold the soap, realize something had gone wrong and walk out behind our house, throwing the big hunk of bad soap into the woods like a shot put.  Back to the laboratory (my kitchen) for another try.

After all these years, I still love making soap, and I've also dabbled in making other body care products, such as lip balm, healing salve and toner.  I'm finally ready to take this little company to the next level, so here we go with the Some Cool Road website!  I will blog on here, but not so much that you all tire of it, and I'll try to keep it interesting.  Thanks for stopping by and please share, share, share!  Peace : )

~ Carolyn